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President Xu Weilin——The Top scientist of WTU Leads the Development of World Textile Technology

For many years, textile professionals all over the world  have been seeking a new high-performance fiber spinning technique to make fabrics not only bright and smooth, but soft and wear-resistant at the same time. However, these efforts had been largely in vain until a WTU resea...


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Professor Jin Yan was awarded the principal of 2022 "Hubei Excellent Teacher Studio" and was awarded the title of "Excellent Teacher of Hubei"

Recently, the Office for Talent and Department of Education of Hubei Province announced the list of 2022 "Hubei Excellent Teacher Studio". The " Jin Yan-Marxism Theory Famous Teacher Studio " of the School of Marxism of WTU was in the list, and Professor Jin Yan, the principal o...


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Russian contributes both expertise and friendship to China

Alexey Guryev works at Wuhan Textile University, Wuhan, Hubei province.Since Russian scientist Alexey Guryev came to China in 2013, he has witnessed the country's rapid social and economic development — and particularly its achievements in scientific and technological innovatio...


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Wonderful Study Abroad Journey: My Learning experience at Hanyang University

I am Wu Jiang, a postgraduate student from school of Art & Design of WTU. In the second semester of my second year of postgraduate period at WTU, I decided to participate in the international exchange program at Hanyang University in Korea for one semester. I was fortunate to ga...


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Breaking News: Alumnus Li Jianquan Donated US$10 million to WTU

On the afternoon of May 11th, alumnus of WTU Class of '78 and Chairman of the Board of Winner Medical, Li Jianquan, personally donated US$10 million, the largest donation in WTU's history, to his alma mater, which will be used to support the construction of the WTU's basic resea...


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Jiang Shan: a WTU Excellent Alumni help to make the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics visually stunning to the world

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, with the story of a snowflake as its main theme, is a stylish, romantic, and beautiful artistic expression that not only shows the world the confident and vigorous spirit of China in the new era but also expresses th...


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Big news:Prof. Zhou Qin of Wuhan Textile University was awarded the title of "Global Highly Cited Researcher”

On November 16th, London time, Clarivate released the list of "Highly Cited Researcher " in 2021, and 6,602 experts (including 24 Nobel Prize winners) from more than 70 countries and regions around the world were selected. Prof. Zhou Qin from WTU of School of Mathematical Scienc...


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Move with the Times, Dance with the World – Student Speech on the Practical Activities at the Institute for International People-to-people Exchanges, WTU

Hosted by Wuhan Textile University, undertaken by the WTU International Office, International Education School, Research Institute People-to-people Exchange for Textile Industry, the "Belt and Road" Higher Textile Education Alliance, and co-organized by Huazhong University of Sc...


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Professor Hu Xinrong was awarded the title of "Famous Teacher of Hubei" in 2020

Recently, Professor Hu Xinrong, dean of School  of Mathematics and Computer Science, was awarded the title “Famous Teacher of Hubei” by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. Over the years, he integrated scientific and academic achievements into talent cultivation and paid...


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Associate Professor of the School of Fashion of WTU Participated in the Design of the New Generation of Military Uniforms and Inherited Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Skills

In recent years, based on the inheritance and innovation of traditional printing and dyeing skills of textile intangible cultural heritage, Wang Ni, associate professor of School of Fashion led a team to design and develop plant-based blue dyeing clothing works. Seeking inspirat...
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