Research Achievments & Awards

Ever since WTU has undertaken 636 projects in total, including such projects as special funding for preliminary research of "national major basic research and development project (National 973 Project)" , and national "863" major scienfical and technological projects. Among them, 87 national projects were awarded 4 national prizes for scientific and technological achievements, including one national first prize for scientific and technological progress and three national second prizes for technological inventions. It has also won 49 prizes for scientific and technological achievements above the provincial level (including wuhan municipal level), published 5,492 papers, among which 669 were indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, ranking among the front row of the provincial universities in Hubei. More than 71 articles were included in Xinhua Digest and Renmin University of China Copy Materials. It has also published 231 academic books and textbooks, granted 56 patents for inventions and one United States Patent. WTU attaches great importance to the transformation of scientific research achievements. In circular economy (especially the ramie ecological industrial park), water treatment, new textile fiber materials, functional fabrics, printing and dyeing clean production, textile clothing digitalization, new spinning equipment (high twisting machine, etc.), textile equipment and related materials, management science, clothing and art, dress culture, clothing digitalization, etc. it is one of the leading enterprises in the international, domestic research and development. A large number of scientific research achievements have been widely applied by yielding good economic and social benefits.

On August 4, 2009,at the specially held achievement promotion meeting in Meiling Hall of Wuhan East Lake Hotel by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, the "efficient short process embedded composite spinning technology" (Xu Ruyi spinning) developed by Prof. Xu Weilin, vice president of WTU and winner of the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, was recommended to more than 100 textile enterprises in Hubei province.

The pure natural fiber unidirectional perspiration textile fabric developed by WTU was listed as "national key new product" by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2004, and won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei province. It has been used as golf sportswear fabric in Nike clothing series, and it is carrying out technical cooperation with Adidas; "processing method of dry sisal leaf and its application in composite board" has been listed in National Spark Plan, and won the second prize of Hubei Provincial Technology Invention, with good economic benefits by cooperating with theGuangxi Sisal Group and Wuhan Xinglong Board Co., Ltd.

WTU attaches great importance to the combination of production, teaching and research. For example, it is in charge of the National "863" Project "new efficient materialization combination technology and equipment". It also developed two original technologies, which won the "national key new product", first prize of science and technology progress by Hubei province and first prize of "Mulberry& Ramie" textile science and technology progress award. The project, in the form of technology share, has helped to form the "Wuhan Fangyuan Environment Company". The company has become a base for cultivation of graduate students and scientific research of undergraduate students. Relying on "the key technology of ramie clean production and the research on ramie ecological industrial park" to form "Hubei Ecological Ramie Industrial Co., Ltd.", WTU studies the clean production system from the aspects of ramie fiber planting modification, spinning, printing and dyeing, post-processing and so on, and explores the circular economic model of coordinated development of agriculture and textile industry by providing a pilot project for the government to better solve the "three agricultural problems" of ramie producing areas in Hubei province. The project has also cultivated a batch of graduate students and outstanding undergraduate students. In 2009, the company established a technological innovation strategic alliance of China ramie industry pioneered by Wuhan Institute of Science and Technology as the leading organization, with participating of many famous enterprises and research institutes in  China .

WTU has made great progress in basic theory and applied basic research. In the research fields of fractal, wavelet theory and its application, neural network, molecular topology, ion beam and plasma application, etc., WTU has been following the academic frontier by combining the scientific problems in textile industry. A number of valuable basic theoretical research results have been achieved. Many achievements in such fields as structure design and modification of bioactive products, study on synthesis and properties of textile chemical auxiliaries have been directly applied to productions.

·“Efficient Abridged Embedded Spinning Technology and Its Industrialization” won 1st Prize for 2009 National Science and Progress Award.

·“Excellent Quality Natural High Polymer Material Superfine Power Handing and Its High Value-added Recycling” won the 2nd Prize for 2008 National Technology Invention Award.

·“The Recycling Use of Textile Printing and Dyeing Waste Water by Catalytic Oxidation through Employing Microwave Infinite Ultraviolet Light” won the 2ndPrize for 2009 National Technological Invention Award.

·“Exploration and Application of the Complete Set Technology for Poly phenylene Sulfide (PPS) Fiber Industrialization” won the 2nd prize for National Science & Technology Progress Awards in 2010.

·“High-performance Industrial Yarn Energy-saving Twisting Preparation Technology and Equipment and Its Industrialization” won the 2nd Prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2020.