Research Platforms of WTU

With its strong scientific research competence, Wuhan Textile University boasts textile printing and dyeing of clean production engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, green processing and engineering of new textile materials key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, as well as two provincial key laboratories such as key laboratory of new textile materials and their applications and key laboratory of digital textile equipment,. It has also established research institutions such as water pollution control engineering technology research center of Hubei province, clothing technology research and development center of Hubei province, textile machinery research and development center of Hubei province, textile system and policy research center of Hubei province, productivity promotion center of Wuhan Institute of Science and Technology as well as the popularization center of common technology research and development of textile and apparel for small and medium-sized enterprises , photovoltaic engineering technology research center of Hubei province, "solar building grid-connected power generation demonstration project" of the ministry of science and technology  and other 14 provincial key research bases.

·National key laboratories(centers)

Key Laboratory for Green Processing&Application of New Textile Materials of the Education Ministry

Engineering Research Center for Printing&Dyeing&clean Production of Textile of the Education Ministry
National Key Training Base of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing technology

·Provincial&Municipal Key Laboratories (centers)
Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials&Application
Key Laboratory of Digitizing Textile Equipment
Hubei Provincial Wearable Art and Culture Research Center

Hubei Provincial Clothing Technology Research&Development Center

WTU Productivity Promotion Center

Hubei Provincial Research&Development Center of Common Technology Textile and Clothing for medium and small Enterprises

Hubei Provincial Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center

Hubei Provincial Electrical Textile Research&Development Center
Hubei Provincial Textile System and Policy Research Center

Hubei Provincial Water Pollution Control Research Center

Engineering&Technology of Textile&Fashion digitalization in Wuhan
Hubei Provincial Modern Textile Engineering&Technology Research Center

·Campus Research Institutions
Institute of Textile Research
Institute of Nonlinear
Laboratory of Engineering Materials
Printing&Dyeing Control Center
Institute of Philosophy and Culture
Wuhan Environmental Technology Company Limited