Alumni Enterprises

Winner Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1991 and dedicated to the research and production of medical dressings, Winner Medical Products Co., Ltd. has been a leader in the domestic medical dressings export industry for eight consecutive years by forming a whole industrial chain layout and ensuring quality control. Meanwhile, it attained good results in its shift of focus from medical products to those for civilian use.

Li Jianquan, chairman & president of the Winner Medical Group as well as founder of PurCotton, graduated from the then Hubei Foreign Trade School (later absorbed into WTU) in 1980 and has been in the spotlight for his entrepreneurial success.

Hubei Xiaomian Industry Group Co., Ltd

Hubei Xiaomian Industry Group company is the largest private enterprise in Xiaogan, ranking first in Hubei Province and being the top 50 in China among all the textile enterprise. As a comprehensive corporate group focusing on spinning, weaving, clothing, hotel and real estate, it boasts 400,000 spindles, 20 rotor spinning machines, 500 looms,10 clothing assembly lines and so on. In the next five years, it aspires to become an even larger group in garment fabric further processing as well as a first-class domestic base of apparel and textiles processing, possessing 500,000 high-grade spindles and 1,000 high-grade cloth looms.

Sun Yingan, a graduate majoring in cotton spinning engineering from Wuhan Textile Engineering Institute, is a deputy to the 11th National People’s Congress, a senior engineer and the current chairman of Hubei Xiaomian Industry Company. He was awarded Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Hubei, National Labor Medal, Labor Model, and etc.

“Xiaomian Scholarship” and “Xiaomian Diligent Scholarship”up to 50,000 yuan annually, were set up by Xiaomian Group for Textile and Fashion Design majors of WTU to help turn out more qualified professionals in the two fields.

Yantai Mingyuan Household Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2008, Yantai Mingyuan Household Textile Co., Ltd. is a supply chain management company that focuses on product research and development, design, production and processing, export and domestic trade. In 2018, the company achieved sales of $120 million. The company's main business is the processing and export of cotton household items, namely, adult household items, baby bedding and hotel bedding. The company's products are designed for high-end customers and mainly exported to western developed countries. It has ranked first in Shandong and top five in China as a whole for many years in bedding exports. Besides, it has been leading the way in exporting to Australia, as evidenced by the fact that 70% of the high-end bedding in the Australia comes from Mingyuan Home Textiles.

Chen Yizhong, graduated from the then Wuhan Textile Institute in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in dyeing and finishing, is now the chairman and general manager of Yantai Mingyuan Household Textile Co., Ltd.