Huang Yunping

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Prof. Huang Yun-ping,

Master’s Supervisor,

Vice-President of WTU

Member of Standing Committee of Party Committee,

Born in February 1963, she acquired a bachelor’s degree upon graduating from Hubei University in 1984 as well as a master’s degree upon graduating from Beijing Normal University in 1994. She worked in Office of Science and Technology as a teacher in Hubei Institute of Nationalities between 1984 and 1998 and worked in Academic Affair Office of Southwest China Normal University between 1998 and 2000. She has then been working in Wuhan Textile University ever since 2000,  acting as deputy director of Academic Affair Office, director of the Discipline Construction Office, director of the Postgraduate Students’ Department, assistant of the President in Wuhan University of Science and Engineering. She is now taking the charge of vice president and a member of Standing Committee of Party Committee, Wuhan Textile University. Working on botany, biochemistry as well as administration and research of higher education, she has presided over and completed 5 research projects of provincial level, participated in and completed over 10 projects of provincial level or higher levels by publishing 4 monographs, 30 academic papers (with 4 papers cited by SCI and EI respectively). She has won the second prize of National Teaching Achievements, as well as third prize of National Educational Science Research, third prize of Hubei Provincial Development Research and first prize of Hubei Provincial Educational Science Research. As one of the major participants, she has also won the second prize and third prize of Guangdong Provincial Natural Science to finish this project.