Big News: Professor Xu Weilin, president of Wuhan Textile University, was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

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On November 19th , the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the list of new academicians in 2021.  Professor Xu Weilin, president of Wuhan Textile University, was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.  

Prof. Xu Weilin

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

President of Wuhan Textile University

Professor & Doctoral Supervisor, born in Luotian city, Hubei province, China, April 1969.

He was a teacher of both Sichuan University and Wuhan University of Science and Engineering (the predecessor of Wuhan Textile University), the director of WUSE’s Textile Research Institute, the assistant to president of WUSE, the deputy president of WUSE and a member of its CPC Standing Committee, the deputy president of WTU and a member of its CPC Standing Committee, the director of Training Base of Hubei Provincial New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology, a national key laboratory jointly established by Hubei province and Ministry of Education in February 2010. Prof. XU has been acting as the president of WTU and deputy secretary of its CPC’s standing committee since October 2020.

As a researcher of textile materials, he has also been the vice chairman of China Textile Engineering Society, the chairman of Hubei Provincial Textile Engineering Society, a senior member of American Institute of Chemical Engineer (AICHE), a senior member of the Fiber Society, U.S., a consultant expert of Hubei Provincial People’s Government, a director of technical commission under Hubei Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau, a member of Hubei Provincial Association for Young Scientific & Technological Workers. From June 1997 to April 4 1999, he was conducting his post-doctoral research in Sichuan University. Since March 1999, he has been conducting joint research with Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), Texas State University and California State University, etc. He has also been presiding over and participating in 30-plus projects, including national key technology R&D programs, national sci-tech supporting plans, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), as well as the scientific research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

He has been successively awarded the second prize of national technological invention, the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, and the first prize of Hubei provincial technological invention. Besides his 140 published papers both at home and abroad to be indexed by SCI, he has also been granted 5 invention patents in US and 58 in China. He led WTU Scientific Research Team in developing the fabric of national flag on China’s lubar probe Change’e-5 and the High Temperature Resistant Elastic Sealing Device for China’s Mars probe Tianwen-1.

 He has been successively awarded such honorary titles as Figure of the Year for China’s textile innovation, winner of outstanding achievement granted by The Fiber Society, winner of the 11th Youth Sci-tech Award of China, Winner of Hubei Provincial Prize for Outstanding Contribution, Winner of Sci-tech Innovation Award by Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, winner of China Textile Academic Grand Prize, Mulberry & Ramie Scholar, Distinguished Figure with Accomplishments in Textile Industry to commemorate the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up. Besides the support by National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, he has been successively granted such honors as recipient of special government allowance by Hubei Provincial People’s Government, winner of Hubei Provincial May 4th Youth Medal, winner of the Top Ten Distinguished Youths in Hubei Province, winner of the May Day Labor Medal by Hubei Province, Excellent Party Member granted by the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and recipient of special government allowance by the State Council of the PRC, National Representative of Educational Ethics, winner of National May Day Medal, and National Excellent Worker, etc.