Tang Min

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Tang Min,


Master’s Tutor

Born in July 1963, he graduated from Wuhan Chemical Engineering Institute (Wuhan Institute of Technology) with a BE’s degree. Then, he continued his study in Wuhan University, majoring in ideological and political education with a master’s degree of laws in June, 1998. Acting as deputy secretary and secretary of Youth League in Wuhan Chemical Engineering Institute, deputy director of administration office and secretary/dean of Humanities and Management School in Wuhan Chemical Engineering Institute, minister of Organization Department and minister of United Front Work Department of Party Committee, Executive Principal of Party School, Assistant President of Wuhan Institute of Technology, member of standing committee as well as Discipline Inspection Committee, general secretary of Yangtze Engineering Vocational Technical College. He has also been awarded with honors such as May Fourth Medal issued by the Chinese Youth League and excellent cadre by Hubei Provincial Youth League. For a long time, he has been engaged in research field of ideological and political education, science of personnel, constitutional laws, etc. His main research field stresses on Theory of Deng Xiao-ping, campus culture in colleges and universities, basic theory on the science of personnel and constitutional laws. With 30-plus published academic papers, he has also presided over the compiling of 6 textbooks and monographs, in addition to 4 National Natural Fund Project and a second prize for Hubei Provincial Award for Scientific and Technical Advancement.