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HUANG Guofu, member of CPC & Doctor of Politics, professor & postgraduate supervisor, born in Jingmen of Hubei province, November of 1964. In June of 1987, he obtained a degree of Bachelor of Law upon graduation from Central China Normal University (CCNU); In September of 1998, he obtained a master’s degree of education upon graduation from Central China Normal University (CCNU); In January of 2006, he obtained a doctoral degree of politics upon graduation from Research Institute of Politics in Central China Normal University (CCNU).As of June of 1987, he has successively acted as a teacher in Dept. of Marxism Theory Course, counselor of Dept. of Chemistry, Secretary of Youth League Committee of Dept. of Chemistry, CPC committee member of Dept. of Chemistry, general manager of logistics group, dean of school of continuing education, Central China Normal University (CCNU). He also acted as vice-president of Jingchu University of Technology (JCUT), assistant to president of Dalian University of Technology (DLUT), and deputy party secretary of CPC committee of Jingchu University of Technology (JCUT). In July of 2021, he acted as deputy party secretary of CPC committee of Wuhan Textile University (WTU). He has mainly been engaged in such field as ideological& political education for university students, education and development of teaching staff, traditional culture research and party building in colleges and universities. He has undertaken a number of key research programs supported by the Hubei provincial social sciences fund and the Hubei provincial philosophy and social science, by publishing 30-plus academic papers in such periodicals as Guangming Daily, China Education Daily, Educational Research and Experiment, etc. He has also acted as editor-in-chief and participating editor of 5 textbooks.