Tian Huiyu

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Tian Huiyu,

 Party Secretary of WTU,          

 professor & master supervisor, born in Qichun,  Hubei, May of 1964

Graduated from Jinlin University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, master of philosophy, once acted as a teacher and the deputy dean in Department of Social Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology (the predecessor of Wuhan Institute of TechnologyWIT) as well as deputy director/ director of WICT’s Personnel Department, director of general office of WICT, vice-president and deputy party secretary of WICT, serving assistant to president of Sun Yat-Sen University. He was assigned as the party secretary of Wuhan Textile in October of 2020. His main research areas include Marxist theory and sci-tech philosophy. He has acting as vice chairman of Hubei Provincial Research Institute in Dialectics of Nature, vice chairman of Hubei Provincial Jinchu Culture Research Institute, vice chairman of Hubei Provincial Campus Research Institute and Hubei Provincial University Students Psychological Health Education Institute, commissioner of both Hubei Provincial and Wuhan Municipal Association for Social Sciences. He has conducted 2 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation (NSSF), 1 project supported by Hubei Provincial Social Science Foundation, and 1 Soft Science project supported by Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, 1 project supported by Wuhan Municipal Social Science Foundation, and 8 other projects supported by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. His project supported by National Social Foundation: Thought on Marx’s Rational Criticism and Its Contemporary Significance —— Theory on Social Criticism of Frankfurt School was assessed as excellent upon completion. He has also published over 50 papers in Chinese core periodicals such as Modern Philosophy, Jianghan Forum, Journal of Hubei University, of which there are 10-plus papers reprinted by duplicate publication materials of Renmin University of China, or indexed by CSSCI. He has obtained one award by Ministry of Human Resources, the second prize for Hubei Provincial teaching achievements, the first prize for Education Achievements of Hubei Provincial University Students Psychological Health, the third prize of Wuhan Municipal Social Science, etc. He has successively been awarded the honorary titles such as “Excellent Party Member” by CPC Working Committee of Hubei Provincial Colleges and Universities, “Excellent Representative of Expertise Management” by Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources, and “Excellent Representative of the Sixth National Demographic Census”. He has also enjoyed the specialized allowance by Hubei Provincial People’s Government, as the first batch of elected candidates in the Hubei Provincial Cultivation Program for Marxism Young and Middle-aged Theorists in Colleges and Universities.