School of Art and Design

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The history of the school of Art and Design of Wuhan Textile University originated in the early 1980s, which is one of the earliest art and design schools in Central China. After 30 years of development, the school  of Art and Design has gradually established a set of its own educational concepts, school characteristics and teaching systems. The school of Art and Design has a team of "school teachers and corporate mentors" with professionalism and innovation, and has a good reputation and brand image in the country. The school of Art and Design provides two kinds of graduate programs and six professional directions of bachelor degrees: Visual communication design, Environmental design, Product design, Arts and crafts, Public art, Art design.

The school of Art and Design focuses on the contemporary art and design thinking, takes the traditional culture as the root, and pays attention to the eight combinations: the combination of design education and art, creative thinking, Chinese humanistic spirit, the basic knowledge, non intelligence factors, technology, the ability of practice, and innovation ability. We try to construct the comprehensive educational system which included building the capabilities of thinking, practice, and innovation. In recent years, our school has made great achievements in research and teaching. In the past 5 years, 4 national social science funds, 5 national art funds, 7 humanities and social science funds from the Ministry of Education have been approved for scientific research, and 1 work has been selected to the national art exhibition, with a horizontal entry of more than 10 million yuan and more than 30 high-quality thesis. Three articles won provincial and ministerial achievements. In the field of teaching achievements, in 2015, we got the third prize of the Teaching Achievement Award of the China Textile Association; in 2018,we got the third prize of the Hubei Province Teaching Achievement Award, the third prize of the China Textile Association's Teaching Achievement Award; 5 national grades were approved College student innovation and entrepreneurship training program; 11 provincial college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs; 6 provincial teaching and research projects got approved.

There are more than 69 faculty members, including 6 professors, 29 associate professors, and 23 graduate supervisors. It has 2 “distinguished professors” from home and abroad. The school had paid more attention to creating academic atmosphere and actively carried out all kinds of academic researches and exhibitions in recent years, In order to build a high-level communication platform, the school had also participated in a series of academic activities, for example, the National Environmental Design Forum, the Fashion Industry in China and South Korean. It has effectively promoted the depth and breadth of academic research in schools, and enhanced the school's influence in central and southern regions and even the whole country.

The school of Art and Design has Hubei Provincial Clothing and Art Culture Research Center, Hubei Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Center, Textile Creative Product Art and Design Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Textile Product Design and Brand Packaging Teaching Practice Training Platform, Design Art Virtual Simulation Experimental Center, Digital printing laboratory, model laboratory, screen printing laboratory, lighting laboratory, textile packaging laboratory, ceramic art laboratory, printing and dyeing laboratory and other teaching and research platforms.

The school of Art and Design persists in open education and attaches great importance to the internationalization of academic research. A number of teachers and students have been sent to study abroad, and the school has signed Joint Doctoral Program Agreements with the National Research Institute of Arts and Literature in Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, and the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Quite a few postgraduate students have successively entered the domestic and overseas well-known universities to study for a PhD. The school actively carried out various large-scale research and innovation academic activities. It has held a series of high-level international and domestic academic exhibitions and academic exchanges in succession, such as the Fiber Art Joint Exhibition of the University of California , Davis , and the Sino-US Design Works Exchange Exhibition. The school seeks the innovative design talents for the art and design education and industry, promotes communications between colleges and industries and inaugurates a high-level international exchange platform for the country. Additionally, the school has organized a number of academic symposiums, such as the International Academic Forum on Fashion and Sustainable Development, the National Environmental Art Design Academic Annual Award Forum and the Sino-Korea International Symposium on Fashion Industry, which have effectively promoted the depth and breadth of its academic research and enhanced its influence in China and the world.