School of Media and Communication

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School of Media and Communication from Wuhan Textile  University, with the open perspective of "New media, Cross-media, Hypermedia", aims at the forefront of the development of journalism and communication subject and media industry, following the tide of media industry development. The school crosses and integrates journalism and communication, art and design and other disciplines, and combinates art and science and technology organically. It focuses on cultivating full-media compound media senior talents of liberal arts and science permeated, theory and practice closely integrated, who meet the needs of the new media communication era, with "humanistic background, artistic accomplishment, scientific and technological content, and international vision".

The school has three teaching departments (Digital Media, Journalism and Communication, Advertising), two teaching centers (General Education Center and Fusion Media Communication Experiment and Training  Center). There are six undergraduate majors: digital media art, advertising, radio and television, animation, network and new media, photography, etc., with nearly 1000 people. The school has master degrees in art theory, design (digital media art, animation), journalism and communication, art (art and design fields and radio and television) with more than 100 postgraduate students.

The college has a highly educated and qualified teaching team, successively including Professor Bashir Makhoul, rector of the University of Creative Arts, UK, professor Ghislaine AZEMARD, vice-rector of the University of Paris 8, France, professor Matthias Lehnhardt of the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts, Germany, professor Wolfgang H. Swoboda, faculty of Design, Media and Information school of University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany, professor Qiu Song ,Art school of Tsinghua University. These professors were appointed as special professors and speaker professors of the school respectively. In addition, there are also a number of experts from the Communication University of China, the Central Academy of Arts, the school of Arts of Tsinghua University, Birmingham City University, the Hubei Daily All media, Hubei Radio and Television employed as visiting professors in our college. At present, there are 55 full-time teachers in our school, including 6 professors and 33 associate professors, 34 of whom have doctoral degrees.

The college has three research centers: Digital Creativity and Design Research Center, Fashion and Aesthetics Research Center, and Film and Television Creation and Research  Center. It has a postgraduate workstation of Hubei Daily Media Group and a provincial-level advantageous academic group of "Fashion Creativity and Culture" research on fashion aesthetics and cultural theory, digital media technology and fashion communication) and other disciplines and research platforms.

The experimental teaching center of the college currently has an equipment capital of more than 12 million yuan and covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It has a digital media foundation laboratory, a high-end cloud virtual workstation laboratory, a non-linear editing laboratory, a digital studio, a photography and video recording laboratory, an animation workstation laboratory and complete network supported equipment, initially constructing the news, photography, advertising, digital media and animation experimental teaching and research modules. Facing the current and future national development strategy, in line with the era of the new media talents brand new demand, in 2019, the school increased investment, caught the opportunity of the development of national fusion media, with the fusion media platform as the core, further integrated the experimental teaching platform, and centralized several central kitchen-style teaching training modules with sitting-broadcast news, new media interaction, standing-broadcast creativity, virtual broadcast, data analysis and media display and others, building a brand-new industry-University-Research center for experimental and practical training of fusion media communication.