School of Material Science and Engineering

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School of Materials   Science and Engineering comes from Polymer Materials and Engineering Department, which was founded in 2000 and developed from several majors founded in 1993 such as Chemical fiber. With the right to grant a first-level discipline major of “Materials Science and Engineering” for master’s degree, the discipline of "Materials Science and Engineering" in the school is of first-level as well as a featured discipline in Hubei  Province. The school has four departments, including the Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering, the Department of Composite Materials and Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Undergraduate Teaching and Experimental Center.

The school has a group of academically rigorous professors with rich scientific research achievements and competent young and middle-aged teachers with great international foresight. The college currently has 55 full-time teachers, including 14 professors, 24 associate professors, and 17 lecturers. The proportion of teachers with overseas study and work experience exceeds 70%.

The School of Materials   Science and Engineering is rigorous in the attitude of teaching and studying, now there are more than 750 full-time undergraduate students as well as more than 70 master degree candidates. The school has set up the major of “National Program for the Education and training of outstanding engineers,  “ Polymer Materials and Engineering”, “Composite Materials and Engineering ” and “Materials Science and Engineering”, of which the major of “Polymer Materials and Engineering” has been certified by Ministry of Education as engineering major in 2019 and been approved of joining first-level professional construction project in Hubei Province. In recent years, the school has obtained 4 teaching achievement awards at provincial or ministerial level and 1 national award for excellent courses. The primary employment rate has been continuously beyond 95% for many years, the proportion of being postgraduate or going abroad for further study is in the vicinity of 40%.

The school has a strong scientific research capability, depending on some research platforms such as the National Key Laboratory and the Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, it has undertaken more than 80 National longitudinal research projects in recent years including National key Research program, national "863" project, “973” pre-research fund, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), etc. The funds of scientific research have exceeded over 60 million yuan; our school has also achieved 10 science research awards beyond provincial or ministerial level, published 450-plus sophisticated theses accepted by SCI on known academic journals both at home and abroad, achieved 200-plus national invention patents.

The school has many high-level research platforms including “National Key Laboratory of new textile materials and their advanced processing technology”, “ Key Laboratory of Green Processing and Fictionalization of New Textile Materials established by Ministry of Education and Hubei Province ”, “Hubei Key Laboratory of new textile materials and their application”, Hubei Province "Intelligent Textile Materials and Interdisciplinary Research" international science and Technology cooperation base, Hubei Engineering Research Center of Industrial Fiber Preparation and Application Technology, etc. The school organized 4 high-level teaching and researching team including Institute of High Performance Fiber Research, Institute of 3D Printing Materials, Institute of New adsorption material and Institute  of Composite Materials, and it has more than 1000 large precision instruments and equipment.

The school insists on implementing the "one-to-one" tutor system for undergraduate freshmen and has long-term organized students to actively participate in national competitions such as "Creating Youth", "Challenge Cup", "Yida Cup" and "Internet +", and has won numerous awards. In addition, the school invite a group of experts and scholars who come from famous universities such as University of Southern California in USA, University of Montpellier in France and The Flinders University in Australia and a group of elites from enterprises such as E—Fund and Youlumei to give a speech, aim at affecting students by their career achievements and personal charm, inspiring students to think about their life and future development.