School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

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Brief Introduction & Specialty

Founded in 1978, the School  of Mechanical Engineering and Automation is one of the largest in WTU with a profound history in discipline construction. The school has 7 undergraduate programs (mechanical design manufacturing and automation, industrial design, industrial engineering, measurement control technology and instrument, automation, Robotics Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence Engineering), of which mechanical design and manufacturing and automation is rated as a national-level featured program and listed as "outstanding engineers project" by Ministry of Education for undergraduate students. With the right to grant master's degree and a first-level discipline major for master’s degree, “mechanical engineering”, (including five second-level discipline majors for master’s degree: i.e., mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanical design and theory, machinery manufacturing and automation, testing technology and instrument, industrial design), and three engineering master majors (i.e., mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and industrial design), the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation has been collaborating with a number of prestigious universities both at home and abroad, such as Deakin University (Australia), National Altai Technical University (Russia), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) to implement the joint talent-cultivation programs for doctorate’ s degree.

Disciplines & Platforms

The discipline of "Mechanical Engineering" in the school is of First-Level as well as a featured discipline in Hubei Province; it has the discipline programs (mechanical design and theory) authorized by Hubei Province for project approval as well as an academic post authorized by the “Chutian Scholars” Program of Hubei Province. The school has a number of provincial-level research platforms such as Key Laboratory of Digital Textile Equipment, Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center of Three -dimensional Spinning, Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center of Industrial Detonator Safety Assembly, as well as a series of national-level research centers such as "State Key Laboratory for Fostering Base of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technologies" shared with other schools of WTU.

Faculties & Scientific Research

The number of faculty in School  of Mechanical Engineering and Automation consists of 110 members, of whom there are 22 professors, 35 associate professors, 9 doctoral supervisors, as well as 35 postgraduate supervisors. Among the teaching staff, there are 3 specially-appointed academicians from Russian Federation , 5 Hubei Provincial Chutian Scholars, 3 experts who are granted special subsidies from the State Council, 2 provincial experts with prominent contributions and 3 experts with specially granted subsidies by Hubei provincial government. There are 20 people in our school awarded with scientific research and teaching achievement at provincial or ministerial level in recent years. For the past 3 years, our school has been conducting 16 NSFC projects, 8 subprojects of National Science Supporting Program, “863”subprojects, as well as the projects in Ministry of Science and Technology; in addition to 30-plus projects of provincial/ministerial or municipal/departmental levels and 10 provincial projects for higher education research. For the past 3 years, the funds of scientific research in our school have exceeded over 20 million yuan. We have also achieved 50-plus national invention patents, 10-plus project awards at provincial/ministerial levels, 1 national and 1 provincial award for excellent courses respectively, 2 provincial awards for high quality courses.

Talents Cultivation & Students

The School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation also founded innovation base of science and technology for undergraduates, training base for high-tech practice, as well as science and technology innovation system for undergraduates, which provides a good prerequisite for our students to participate in innovation practice. Our students have achieved substantial awards at both national and provincial level contests, such as Mechanical Innovation Contest, National “Challenge Cup” for College Students, Sci-tech Contests of National and Provincial Levels, National Mathematical Modeling Contest for College Students, National “Siemens Cup” Industrial Automation Contest for College Students, “Industrial Projects” Case Contest and “Intelligent Vehicles” Contest, etc. In the past few years, our students have acquired more than 30 patents, as well as 30 awards of national level and nearly 90 awards of provincial level.

International Exchange & Cooperation

The School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation have been conducting active academic exchanges with partner institutes both at home and abroad. We have already established close collaborations with universities in Canada , Russia , U.K. , U.S. , Japan , Serbia and many Chinese universities. We have set up the “2+2” undergraduate program and joint postgraduate program for master’s degree with University of Southeast Missouri (U.S.), Deakin University (Australia), and Universit de Moncton (Canada). We also carry out International Summer Curriculum Program with University of Novi SadSerbia. The school has become a key incubator for talent cultivation and scientific research of WTU.