WTU 2024 Fashion Week drew to a successful close

2024.04.10       Source:        Author:Guo Taichen       Hits:

On April 7th, WTU 2024 Fashion Week was successfully concluded, and more than 1,000 garments from 10 graduation classes were displayed on stage in the past one week, including the themes of multicultural innovative fashion, science and technology fashion, innovative functional clothing and sustainable fashion. "New Chinese" clothing combining tradition and modernity, pioneering style, using technological fabrics for bold design, and sustainable design focus on green and environmental protection are all on display.

The theme of 2024 Fashion Week is "Light • Luxuriant Growth", which empowers design with "light" energy and shows young university students' understanding and interpretation of "light". Based on originality, market demand and diversified design concepts, the participating costumes cover women's, men's, children's and other categories.

It is reported that with the aims to cultivate innovative talents, Fashion School encourages students to pay more attention to sustainable development, social hot spots and cultural inheritance while exploring themselves, grasp the balance of innovation and practicality of fashion design, and finish the diversified works of Fashion.