The secretary of the Party Committee of WTU, Prof. Tian Huiyu gave the first lesson at the beginning of new semester

2024.03.19       Source:        Author:Wang Ran       Hits:

On the morning of March 15, Prof. Tian Huiyu, secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan Textile University, walked into the class meeting of students from the major of textile and Lightweight. The students were engaged in a heated discussion on the theme of "Textile science and technology and new quality productivity" in the form of flipped classroom, through consulting and learning a lot of materials and literature, combined with the understanding of current affairs and hot topics, and shared and exchanged learning experiences. Tian Huiyu asked everyone about the achievements of the discussion, and gave the first lesson of the new term with the title of "Sailing vigorously, towards a new beautiful start" to all students.

In the class, Tian Huiyu had a friendly conversation with the teachers and students of Textile Engineering School. He answered the students' puzzles who met at study and life in detail, and encouraged the students to aim high and forge ahead. He encouraged teachers should follow the regulation of education and students' growth mode, carry out teaching work according to students’ aptitude, and learn from each other. He also said “To be a good teacher and friend of students, with the heart of love, equality and understanding, to help students grow and become talented, and lead students to realize their dreams” is the most important goal for each university teachers.