Professor Chen Rong's research team from the State Key Laboratory of WTU published important research achievement in the top international journal Nature Communications

2024.03.06       Source:        Author:Guo Wenjin       Hits:

Recently, Professor Chen Rong's team from the State Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology published an academic paper with the title of “General synthesis and atomic arrangement identification of ordered Bi-Pd intermetallics with tunable electrocatalytic CO2 reduction selectivity” in Nature Communications.(  

This resarch proposes a general method for the precise synthesis of up to six BiPd intermetallic compounds, and find out their properties, mechanisms, and structure-activity relationships of electrocatalytic and reduction reactions of carbon dioxide. Professor Chen Rong is the only corresponding author of this paper. The first author of this paper is Guo Wenjin, a researcher in Professor Chen Rong's team, who studied under Professor Chen Rong in both undergraduate and postgraduate period.