Seminar on Economic Globalization and Made-in-China for Developing Countries was Held at WTU

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On the afternoon of September 6th, the opening ceremony of the multilateral foreign aid training program “Seminar on Economic Globalization and Made-in-China for Developing Countries”, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and organized by WTU, was held at the School’s International Exchange Center. More than one hundred people including heads from the International Office, School of Management, School of Economics, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Education, Foreign Aid Project Management Center and students from six countries including Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Kenya attended the ceremony.

Fu Xin, vice-president of WTU and Zhang Xun, chairman of the board of Shanghai Niugu Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. delivered their speeches on behalf of WTU and excellent China youth entrepreneur respectively. Rasel from Bangladesh and Ahmet from Turkey delivered their speeches on behalf of outstanding alumni of WTU and students of the seminar. Doctor Mulwa from School of Art and Management of Rongo University sent a congratulatory letter to express his wish of the ceremony as a representative of friendly cooperative universities. He thanked WTU for offering President’s Scholarship to outstanding graduates of Rongo University every year to subsidize them to have a further study in China.

After the opening ceremony, Lin Li, vice-dean of Research Institute of International People-to-People Exchange for Textile Industry, gave first lecture to all students on the theme of China’s combating the COVID-19 and China’s Overview. It is reported that the seminar will last for 21 days. The teaching team of WTU will build an academic exchange platform to work for Chinese and officials from developing countries in economy, trade, technology and humanities by teaching and discussing online with students doing mutual learning and making process together to put forward Chinese wisdom and WTU’s plan to help boost developing countries’ self-development and economic globalization in the post-pandemic era.