Wearing fashionable jeans, Protecting the green mountains! The International Summit Forum was held in Yudu

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Recently, the 2022 China Jeans Fashion Industry Sustainable Development International Summit Forum was held in Yudu. More than 200 people attended the Forum, including experts and representatives from some enterprises in the denim industry.

The theme of the forum is "Wearing Your Best Fashion, Protecting the Green Mountains". The forum was held in a combination of "online and offline". Zhang Chuanxiong, Deputy director of Science and Technology Development Department of China National Textile Industry Council, Marco NaVa, Marketing director of Italy OFFICINA+39 and other participants focused on the scientific and technological innovation thinking of textile industry under the "double carbon" goal, the application of "artificial intelligence" technology in textile and apparel industry, the mission of waterless manufacturing of denim clothing industry, the construction and production practice of green and intelligent processing enterprises of denim clothing, and other topics, Put forward new solutions and ideas for the key technologies of green manufacturing and clean production in the denim industry chain.

The forum was organized by Wuhan Textile University, Yudu people's government, China's textile industry, cowboy clothing advanced manufacturing key laboratory aims to advocate the denim industry ecological sustainable development, display design creative inspiration and superb green advanced production technology, improve the denim industry of environmental protection, enhance the cowboy corporate social responsibility, and promote green cowboy fashion industry.