The Ministry of Commerce's foreign aid training program "Seminar on Manufacturing Industry and Textile Development for Lesotho" was grandly opened at WTU

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On the afternoon of June 29, 2022, the opening ceremony of the bilateral foreign aid training program "Seminar on Manufacturing Industry and Textile Development for Lesotho" hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Wuhan Textile University was held at the  International Exchange Center of WTU, and broadcast live online to all students in Lesotho. Chen Xi, deputy director of the Department of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange of the Department of Education of Hubei Province, and Huang Yunping, vice president of Wuhan Textile University, delivered speeches respectively. More than 100 people from the Publicity Department, the International Office, the Textile Institute, the International College, the Foreign Aid Training Program Center, representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers and students, and all the trainees attended the opening ceremony.



Chen Xi and Huang Yunping unanimously said: Hubei will always actively participate in the national development strategy and global development cooperation, and is willing to continue to help the vast number of developing countries cultivate more local talents and improve their independent development capabilities. WTU will continue to uphold the concept of "exchange and mutual learning, together with win-win cooperation", present a wonderful academic and cultural feast for everyone, and sincerely wish the students and their families in Lesotho all the best. Looking  forward to everyone gathering at WTU after the epidemic!


Joseph kulamiwa busanji, a Tanzanian student who has participated in three seminars on cotton processing, textile and trade in developing countries, spoke as an outstanding recipient alumni. Shoshoe and Fumane from Lesotho spoke as representatives of freshmen. They thanked the Chinese government for providing various assistance to developing countries, especially after participating in the training course organized by WTU.



Professor Cai Yingjie from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Professor Lin Li from the School of International Education will give the first lesson to all students on the topics of new technology about textile cleaner production , China’s overview and China’s anti epidemic. The 14 day seminar will fully rely on the strong academic and scientific research strength in the fields of new textile materials and green manufacturing, textile equipment and intelligent manufacturing, sharing with the students the latest research achievements in China’s intelligent manufacturing experience, textile industry in the fields of health care and the fight against COVID-19.