The 8th president Q&A Curriculum and the conversation for the 2022 graduates was held at Sunshine Campus of WTU

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On June 10ththe president Q&A Curriculum and the conversation for the 2022 graduates of Wuhan Textile University was held at the International Academic Lecture Hall of Sunshine Campus. President Xu Weilin, academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered the lecture, and Vice Presidents Huang Yunping and Jiang Minghua attended the conversation.

In order to realize the new prospect of "Beautiful WTU", we has built four disciplines groups to promote the integration & development of specialties. The Outstanding graduate students from the field of "Green Manufacturing", "Exquisite Manufacturing ", "Smart Manufacturing", "Efficiency Manufacturing" shared their experiences of study and life at WTU with the theme of "advocating scientific truth" to " pursuit of the beauty of art," " Climbing the Mountain of science and technology", " Staying true to our original mission ". They used vivid stories and real emotion to tell their learning experience and feelings at WTU, encouraged younger students to combine their dreams with the call of The Times, bravely chase the dream, and make their own choice of youth.

Facing the graduate students who have no idea about their future, Xu Weilin encouraged them with his study and growth experience. He said, everyone who are in different times has no choice but to be confused, as long as you focus on the current efforts, do what you can, you will be succeed in the end. He emphasized that there is no lack of opportunities in our era, but many young people are lack of fighting spirit, persistence and experience. He encouraged the students insist to keeping their feet on the ground and look up to the stars.

When it comes to how to be an excellent postgraduate, Xu weilin emphasized that postgraduate students should practice the ability of how to do research, and how to write a thesis. If the research is done well, the thesis will be finished well naturally. Xu encouraged everyone to aim high, and be confident.

When talking about interdisciplinary integration, Xu emphasized that major scientific and technological breakthroughs of society nowadays increasingly depend on it, which requires students to read extensively, exchange and discuss across disciplines and think deeply, so as to acquire "the mode of scientific thinking, methods to solve complex problems and the ability for lifelong learning ".