WTU Holds the First Friendly Table Tennis Match Between Chinese and International Teachers and Students

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Recently, the friendly table tennis match between Chinese and international teachers and students, sponsored by the International Office of Wuhan Textile University, International Education College, Research Institute of International People-to-People Exchange for Textile Industry and co-sponsored by People-to-People Exchange Association and the Silk Road Flower Rain Association, was held in the students activity room of the international exchange center in order to enrich their extracurricular life, and effectively build a friendship bridge of cultural blend and communication between teachers and students. International teachers and students from 8 countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Chinese teachers and students gathered together to learn table tennis skills from each other by exchanging views and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship.

On the referee’s signal for the beginning, all teachers and students immediately prepared themselves for the competition. Wonderful hits and catches between teams of teachers and students drew rounds of cheers and applause. During the break, everyone talked about the culture, sports and campus life of their own countries. This friendly match being a platform, this cultural activity has successfully achieved its goals of effectively spreading the Chinese culture about table tennis as China’s “national sport”, greatly enhancing mutual understanding and interaction between Chinese and foreign teachers and students and cultivating an inclusive and harmonious atmosphere of campus culture. Upholding the mechanism of people-to-people cultural exchanges between China and other countries, the International Office of Wuhan Textile University and International Education College will build more platforms via courses and activities for international teachers and students to experience Chinese culture, thus contributing to the promotion of sharing cultures with people from other countries and to the inclusiveness and mutual learning of different civilizations.

Pakistan professor Niaz Ali Khan who worked in the Technical Research Institute of WTU and Dr. AimaI Khan from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering said that the theme of "playing small ping pongs and integrating the big world" is of profound significance. The charm of sports not only lies in its pursuit of strength and beauty and the pursuit of being higher, faster, stronger, but also lies in its huge inclusiveness. As China’s national sport, table tennis has a variety of skills. In this friendly match, he really felt the enthusiasm and passion of Chinese teachers and students for sports. In the future, they are willing to participate in more cultural exchange and experience activities both inside and outside the campus, actively promoting exchanges and cooperation between Pakistani universities and Wuhan Textile University, and firmly carrying forward the traditional friendship and promoting friendly cooperation between China and Pakistan, so as to contribute to the building of a China-Pakistan community of destiny for the new era.

Ethiopian student Zak said that he fully appreciated the unique charm of the heroic city Wuhan which integrated tradition and modernity and deeply felt the strong scientific research and academic power of Wuhan Textile University and the open and inclusive campus culture during the China Preview Course in the first academic year. This friendly match opened another window for all international teachers and students to know Chinese culture. In daily campus life, the Chinese teachers and students taught them how to play table tennis, which not only strengthened their body, but also enhanced their friendship. We cared for each other and communicated with each other like siblings, which made the international students feel deeply the warmth of our big family.