The 2022 Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week opened

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Recently, with "Fashion +" as the theme, the 2022 WTU fashion show presentation of School of Fashion for graduate students was grandly opened in fashion performance Hall of Southlake Campus. Tian Huiyu, secretary of the Party Committee of WTU, attended the opening ceremony. More than 100 teachers and students representatives and more than 200 media representatives from Xinhua,, Hubei Daily, Yangtze Daily,etc. attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Tian Huiyu gave a speech. He said, as one of the important cultural brand of university, WTU Fashion Week has been built into the wonderful platform of students. It is also the interpretation of originality and experimental exploration spirit in the education and teaching of fashion school.

It is reported from Dean of Fashion School prof. Tao Hui, the fashion week will last three days with five outstanding shows. Designers combine science and art, fashion and technology. Under the people-oriented and sustainable concept, they create the fashion design works throughout the multiple dimensions, including style, shape, fabric, color, emotion, lifestyle and technology, reminding people to rethink the close connection between human and nature.