International students of WTU: Come on Wuhan, we can win again!

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At the end of July 2021, a new round of COVID - 19 pneumonia epidemic occurred in Wuhan. Nine international students from Wuhan Textile University who come from 6 countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Congo, Chad, and Zimbabwe staying at the school in the summer said that they would join hands with Chinese teachersstudents, and citizens of Wuhan to overcome the difficulties.

"I am a foreigner, but I am not an outsider. I am willing to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic." At the beginning of 2020, Rumman from Bangladesh has become a school anti-epidemic volunteer, checking the physical condition of international students every day and sending body temperature data to the teacher as well as counting the living materials needed by the students in order to centralize the purchase. "This round of the epidemic will continue for some time, and I will continue to do my best in voluntary work." he said.

At the end of July 2021, freshmen from Africa, Souleyman and Talent, came to WTU from Jiangsu Normal University to register in advance. They said: “When the teachers from the International   Education College knew that our residence permit has expired, they gave us urgent admission materials and visa materials so that we can live legally. Soon after we came to the school, it was managed in a closed style. There were 6 turns of free nucleic acid tests. Zhang Shangyong, the secretary of the International Office and the Party branch directly under the International School, often visited us to send us condolences as well as help us solve the problem of purchasing living materials. The students here are also very friendly. WTU is our new home, and we will fight side by side with everyone!"

Four Pakistani graduates were stranded at WTU under the strict prevention and control of the epidemic which made them unable to register the new school. Basit said with emotion: "Although we can't go to the new school, we are at ease here. The teacher also helps us to solve the immigration matters concerning the extension of the residence permit. I chat with my parents every day and introduce the positive results achieved by the prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese government to them. China is a quite responsible country. The spirit of the Chinese people's unity and sacrifice has touched me deeply. I believe that China will soon defeat the Delta virus. I feel so proud that I choose for myself to stay and stand shoulder to shoulder with Chinese friends to fight!"

As the situation of epidemic prevention and control has become increasingly severe, Lin Li, Director of the International Office and Dean of the International Education School, hosted three online conferences on epidemic prevention and control work to discuss epidemic prevention issues for foreign teachers and students, as well as arrange foreign teachers' and students' information and daily health affairs, On-campus free code application, food, and anti-epidemic materials guaranteed for school students, residence permit processing, etc. Zhang Shangyong, secretary of the Party branch directly under the International School, asked all personnel to shoulder their responsibilities, obey the arrangements and engage in epidemic prevention and control. Staff of the International Office and the School of International Education adhere to the concept of life-paramountcy to overcome difficulties and face challenges, and always put the health and life safety of foreign teachers and students at first position, thus building a safety net for epidemic prevention and control for all members.