International Student from Garment won the Award of Excellence in International Students Design Contest

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The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI) International StudentsDesign ConteststartedfromApr.12th in Shanghai.A student abroad called Tawsif-Al-Mehran from Fashion Institute,whose work stood out from 12 countries and regions , 25 universities and almost 300 works, won the Award of Excellence finally.

Tawsif-Al-Mehran’s work,from the view of sustainable development,use cyclic utilization means and methods,andmasterly combinedMongolian costume with Bangladesh traditional costume style,meanwhile, add fashion modeling elements.Thecreative and multi-culture costume ideas,and distinctive cognition about costume impressed the audience and judge,andeventually won the Award of Excellence.

After the Design Competion, Tawsif-Al-Mehran expressed his sincere gratitude to Wuhan Textile University, saying that after coming to theWTU, both his professional competence and academic vision has been comprehensively enhanced. At the same time, he conveyedhis admiration for the professionalism and dedication of the professors fromFashionInstitute in WTU, especially his mentor.Tawsif-Al-Mehran said thateversinceheentered Ecological Clothing Design And Recycling Studio set up by Mr. Wang, he has been learning form himto conduct related researches. Under the guidance of Mr. Wang, he has gained a series of achievements, including the publication of papers and this excellence award.

The Fashion Institute in WTU has been recruiting foreign students since 2014.And they arefrom different countries,sharedifferent cultural and educational backgrounds. Therefore, in recent years, theFashionInstitute has been exploring the ways of cultivating foreign students from the cross-cultural perspective. Afterhavingdeveloped for nearly five years ,the cultivation of foreign students has made considerable progress, and now it has formed aninclusive, open, enterprising, multi-symbiotic, sustainable development of the school model.

IFFTI, founded on October 14th,1999, is an international authoritizedorganization in fashion education sector,which was initiated by world famous fashion institutes such as FIT, LCF, BGU, RMIT-SFT, IFM, AMFI and so on. Its professionalism and international influence have been continuing to advance since it attracted the world’s leading apparel technology colleges and universities to join. Up to now,themember units spread over five continents, about 1001 costumecolleges around the whole world, IFFTI is the most influential international organization in the fashion education sector. Wuhan Textile University is the fourth Chinese clothing schoolwhojoinedthe institution.