Welcome to Wuhan Textile University

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Wuhan Textile University , or WTU, is divided into three parts: Sunshine Campus, Nanhu Campus, Donghu Campus. We have devoted ourselves to building first-rate international conditions and a beautiful physical environment, including a major expansion of our Sunshine campus in Wuhan ’s Jiangxia District, where professors and students have an enviable range of facilities. With over 30,000 students including about 500 international students, WTU is known for providing a high quality, student-oriented education in a multi-disciplinary environment that integrates engineering, science, arts, economics and management. WTU has 20 schools, offering 65 undergraduate programs, 49 graduate programs, and 5 joint PHD programs. In 2006, the university received an excellent rating from the Ministry of Education for Undergraduate Teaching.

According to the Wuhan City Government Development Plan, Nanhu Campus of WTU will continue to grow into the International Fashion Innovation Campus with such functions as Research & Education, Cultural Heritage, and Civilization Protection. Textile, apparel, art design and new media are the most featured disciplines of our university. These 4 schools are located in Nanhu Campus. All the teachers and Students at Nanhu fully feel the strong Multi-Cultural environment and international atmosphere.

Regarding teaching, the WTU staff is a well-balanced quality team. The present instructional faculty numbers over 1500 this includes almost 1200 full-time teaching staff, more than 300 professors with doctoral degrees and 45 doctoral supervisors. A great many of our faculty have also received numerous awards, recognition and outstanding expert designations at both provincial and national levels. The university also employs various foreign and domestic scholars as adjunct professors in their respective fields of expertise.

WTU is a leader in scientific research. On the state level, it possesses a key laboratory for the development of Hubei New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology”, “The Ministry of Education funds the Key Laboratory for New Textile Materials Cleaning Processing and Functioning” and “the Research Center for Clean Production of Textile Printing & Dyeing”.  WTU also has 25 provincial level key research centers, including the “Hubei Key Laboratory for Digital Textile Equipment”, the “Hubei Fashion Art and Culture Research Center”, the “Hubei PV Engineering Research Center”, and the “Hubei Textile Systems and Policy Research Center”. The multi-disciplinary groups around textile, apparel and artistic design are highlights that greatly support the textile and clothing disciplines. 

We are entrusted with many additional national research projects awarded by the National 973 Program, National 863 Plan for major science and technology, the National Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and National Social Science Foundation of China. Many of our achievements in research have won national or provincial awards. With benefits to society as a whole, scientific research achievements from our campus are widely applied in the fields of aviation, aerospace, construction and environmental protection, in addition to textiles and materials. Adhering to a philosophy of continuous scientific development, WTU works diligently and unceasingly to maintain its exceptional balance as an outstanding university for both teaching and research.

“One Belt, One Road ” Initiative proposed by the state opens a new window for WTU in working with more international partners. We entered the Association of Universities for Textiles in Europe (AUTEX) and the Textile Institute (TI) in 2013. Since 2010, we successfully hosted exciting and influential international activities in the areas of Textiles and Fashion, such as Wuhan International Fashion Week, the International Forum on Modern Textile Science & Technology, the International Academic Conference on 3D Fabric & Application and Sino-Russia Higher Education Forum. In addition, we successfully hosted the 89th Textile Institute World Conference (TIWC) in 2014, which is the highest level conference in the textile area. The development and achievements of WTU are gaining academic and industry attention all over the world.

We have established cooperative ties with nearly 50 universities and research institutes from Australia and Bangladesh to Canada and the Czech Republic , from France , Italy , Japan and Korea , to New Zealand , Portugal , Russia , Sweden , the United Kingdom , the United States , Ukraine , and India . We carry out fruitful cooperation and exchanges in teaching and research, and we have sent many outstanding teachers and students to world renowned universities, such as the University of Manchester, Leeds Trinity University College, University of Derby, University of Southampton, University of California at Davis, Bunka Gakuen University, Mod’Art International, Technical University of Liberec, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ogarev Mordovia State University.

Birmingham Institute of Fashion and Creative Arts of WTU is the first non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperatively run educational institution in Hubei province offering undergraduate programmes approved by Chinese Government. We also attempt to carry out the joint higher education in Bangladesh & Pakistan , and remain vigorous in our efforts to establish joint research laboratories with Manchester University , Deakin University and Paris 8 University that will benefit the faculty and students of both institutions.

In addition, WTU actively promotes International Education for the individual. To date, almost 500 international students from 70 countries and regions have studied at our university for short or long-term periods in a variety of disciplines. This initiative offers broad and far-reaching opportunities for leadership development. It promotes success in teaching, scientific research, and international exchange at all levels of the educational spectrum. Since 2014, WTU is newly commissioned to educate international students who receive Chinese Government Scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Education of the PRC.