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Dr. CHENG Bihai, associate professor, born in Yingcheng of Hubei province, November of 1967, member of CPC, Han nationality.

As of April of 2000, he has successively acted as deputy chief of Dept. of Students’ Affairs, Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), deputy party secretary& party secretary of School of Chemistry and Environment in HBUT, Chief of Dept. of Publicity of CPC Committee in HBUT, director of general office of HBUT; In October of 2012, he acted as a reserve cadre equivalent to the rank of deputy president of HBUT, party secretary of CPC committee of Wuchang Institute of Technology (WUIT) and the educational supervision commissioner; In September of 2019, he acted as a member of standing committee of CPC committee and secretary of WTU’s commission for discipline inspection.