School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is the earliest school to cultivate undergraduates, graduates and international students. There are four undergraduate majors including light chemical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, resource recycling science and engineering; two first-level disciplines in chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, a second-level discipline in textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering, and a master's program in textile engineering (dyeing and finishing direction). The “Modern Textile Technology” discipline group which the Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Project belong to was selected as the “13th Five-Year Plan” superior characteristic discipline group in Hubei Province, and the chemistry discipline is a key (cultivation) discipline in Hubei Province. Since 2013, the school has recruited full-time postgraduate students from India , Egypt , Uzbekistan , Pakistan and other countries.

The school has established the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Textile Printing and Dyeing and Cleaner Production, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Textile Printing and Dyeing, the Key Laboratory of Biomass Fiber and Ecological Dyeing and Finishing of Hubei Province , Wuhan Engineering Center of Ecological Dyeing and Finishing and Cleaner Production, the Bio-based Textile Materials Clean production and high-value utilization Engineering Laboratory of Hubei Province , Textile Printing and Dyeing Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Hubei Province, Renewable Resources Institute and other teaching and research platforms. Co-built projects includes "National Provincial Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology Laboratory", " Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education of Green Textile Processing and Functionalization of New Textile Materials" , petroleum (coal) chemical low-carbon hydrocarbon refining technology research and development centers jointly built by Hubei Provincial Schools and Enterprises and other scientific research platforms.

At present, there are 90 faculty members in the school, including 16 professors and 32 associate professors. More than 80% of the full-time teachers have a doctor's degree and more than 50% have studied abroad. It has 11 talents of Hubei Provincial Talent Program, 3 special professors of "Sunshine Scholar", 2 chair professors of "Sunshine Scholar" and other high-level talents

In the past five years, the school has undertaken more than 80 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation and the National Support Program, with more than 170 horizontal subjects; the school has won one second prize of national invention and more than 20 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards; published more than 500 papers on three major retrievals; and authorized nearly 80 national invention patents. The popularization and application of scientific research achievements have achieved remarkable results, which have produced good economic and social benefits.

The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' engineering practice ability and innovation ability and establishes "Runhe" University Student Science and Technology Innovation  Park, establishes 25 off-campus practice teaching bases, and cultivates application-oriented innovative talents with solid basic knowledge and strong innovation ability through tutor guidance, subject research, enterprise practice and other ways. Graduates receive favorable comments from industry companies and enterprises, and the employment rate and admission rate of postgraduate entrance examination rank top in university. Currently, there are more than 10 enterprise scholarships, and the number of students receiving scholarships accounts for more than 65% of the total number of the school.