WTU’s First Discipline Innovation Engineering Base About The “ 111 Plan ” Has Been Approved

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Recently, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education have officially announced the list of 2023 local universities’ new discipline innovation engineering base. “International Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation” hosted by Professor Mei Shunqi, an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of our university, was selected into the 2023 local universities’ “discipline innovation engineering plan for colleges and universities” (or the“ 111 Plan” in short).

This is the first time that  WTU was selected into the project. It’s a magnificent breakthrough in the construction of first-class subject and the national platform. And it also means that our university has entered a higher stage of development in the international talent exchange and collaboration between our university and others.

Introduction of the center:

International Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation was academically led by academician Alexandra of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. The team members of the center are experts from more than 20 countries including professor Biliar from Russia and professor Xu Weilin from China.

Experts and scholars at home and abroad aimed at the frontier of discipline development and industrial technology bottleneck problems of advanced manufacturing of high-end textile equipment in the world, focusing on the national strategic needs such as "Made in China 2025" and "dual carbon" strategy and forming an international innovation team through international talent exchanges and cooperation, and carry out in-depth research on the key common theories and technical foundations and applications of high-end textile technology and equipment.

About the “111 Plan”

The “111 Plan" is an important national plan to promote the construction of "Double First-Class" initiative, a landmark platform representing the level of discipline construction and international scientific research cooperation in institutions of Higher Education, as well as the highest national platform for international talent exchange between them.

The "111 Plan" aims at the forefront of international discipline development, combining the international frontier level or national key development disciplines of institutions of Higher Education, taking the advantageous characteristic disciplines as the basis and the national, provincial and ministerial key scientific research bases as the platform. It gathers 1,000 overseas top academic masters and a large number of academic backbones from the world's top 100 universities, research institutions or world-class discipline teams, so as to build 100 world-class discipline innovation bases.