Postgraduate Students from School of Art & Design involved in the International Exchange Programme Gave Acdamic Speech at HYU, WTU Learning Sharing Forum

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Wu Jiang, Pan Ke, Xu Mengya and Nie Yujie, four outstanding postgraduate students from Art and Design School, majoring in environmental art design and applied research, visual communication design and art investment appreciation, gave an online lecture on the Hanyang University, Wuhan Textile University Exchange Learning Sharing Forum for the postgraduate students at 8:00 pm on September 26th . The lecture was hosted by Cao Kai, vice president of the School of Art and Design, and attended by Prof. Kim Sangjo of Hanyang University, Korea.

Wu Jiang, starting with the topic of “Modern Application of Korean Traditional Architectural Elements”, introduced the knowledge of traditional Korean architecture by combining his own study experience at Hanyang University in Korea.

Pan Ke discussed Korea’s rural revitalization policy with the topic of “Korea’s Rural Revitalization Policy: A Case Study of Gamcheon Culture Village Renovation”, focusing on the project’s promotion background, location and geography, color application, technology and intangible cultural heritage. He believed that the effect of the “Art Village” project in Korea has gone beyond the mere artwork and viewer’s experience which can help people recover the art culture in their lives, reshape the art experience and consumption behavior. All of these is a new beginning for the public to pursue a better cultural life.

Xu Mengya discussed the development of Korean visual communication design from the tendency of color application, the development of modern Korean posters, and the sharing of relevant cases, with the theme of “Overview of the Development of Korean Visual Communication Design Under the Influence of Regional Culture”.

Nie Yujie introduced the history and development of school uniforms in China and Korea from four aspects, including the overview of Chinese school uniforms (since modern times), the overview of Korean school uniforms (since modern times), the future development trend of school uniforms in China, and gains and reflections,with the theme of “the Development and Origin of School Uniforms in China and Korea”.

At the end of Forum, Prof. Kim Sangjo from Hanyang University in Korea, Prof.Cao Kai and postgraduate students had an in-depth communication and discussion on relevant academic issues. They also introduced the brief situation of Hanyang University in Korea and encouraged everyone to conduct serious research and do more thinking.