Understanding China and Connecting the world——Internatioanl Youth Forum and the first lecture of China Overview for International Students Was Opened at WTU

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On September 29th, Internatioanl Youth Forum and the first lecture of China Overview for International Students opened at the intelligent conference room of the International Exchange Center of Wuhan Textile University. More than 100 Chinese and foreign students from 15 countries, including China, Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria, gathered together and listen to the lecture. CPC Secretary of the IO & IEC, vice president of the Rsearch Institute of International People-to-People for Textile Industry, Professor Lin Li gave the first speech.

Professor Lin Li took the story of Deng Xiaoping, the second generation leader of People’s Republic of China, who studied abroad and contributed to China's reform and opening up as a case study, and explained the original mission of the Chinese Communist Party: "To seek happiness for the people, rejuvenation for the nation and the commonwealth for the world". She said that although international students come from different countries, they were all connected by the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom. She encouraged the international students to open their eyes to see China, so as to transcend civilizational barriers and conflicts by exchanging and appreciating civilizations, which is the connotation and meaning of the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind.

During the forum, the international students learned about the history of the Communist Party of China, the culture of Wuhan, and the achievements of WTU in participating in research projects such as the national flag on the moon and the device of the Mars rover, and expressed that they would continue to reveal the inner integrated points between the excellent Chinese traditional culture included by the concept of global governance advocated by contemporary China and the common values of the world ,as well as explore the wisdom and power that global youth can contribute to the peaceful and development of the world through international people-to-people exchanges.