The 1st "Beautiful WTU" Singing Competition of Chinese Song for International students was held successfully

2021.11.26       Source:        Author:Li Nan       Hits:

On the afternoon of November 19th, 1st "Beautiful WTU" Singing Competition of Chinese Song for International students was successfully held in the intelligent multimedia classroom of Sunshine Campus. Many Chinese student representatives from the International People-to-people Exchange Association, Music Association, Flute Association, Calligraphy and Painting Association and Martial Arts Association of WTU were invited to join the competition together.

This competition gained positive response from all international students. The students who were not in China recorded and submitted videos in advance, and students who were at campus showed the love for China by singing all sorts of Chinese songs. Zineb sang “Lilies” at studio in Morocco, while Anthony and Richard performed "Jasmine" from Ghana. At the scene of the competition, Talent from Zimbabwe and his friends hold the electronic organ, sang “May we all be blessed with longevity”, Sese from Equatorial Guinea and Chinese student Tian Ziyi sang "Me and my Motherland", a gentlemen's team consisted of 4 international students from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Ghana performed a song called "Sorry, My Chinese is far from perfect" to express their positive attitude toward Chinese language learning. The singing competition ended successfully with the chorus of "Me and my Motherland" by all teachers and students.

After the competition, Lin Li, Dean of international Education College, gave a short speech. She said that learning Chinese songs is also a way to learn Chinese well. She hoped that intentional students could learn more about Chinese traditional music and instrument, so as to understand the romantic ritual & music culture and noble humanistic quality of the Chinese nation. Finally, she took all the teachers and students' thoughts to the poetic mountains and fields by singing an original Chinese folk song.

The process of international & Chinese students rehearsing and performing together broadens the exchange of ideas between Chinese and foreign students and promotes the integration of diverse cultures. Lv Zeyun, a Chinese student from International People-to-people Exchange Association said, “I am so happy to perform with international students together for the first time. In the future, I will  try to become an ambassador for international people-to-people cultural exchanges and seize every opportunities to tell China stories and spread China voice.”