Chang'e-5 Fabric National Flag Developed by WTU Making its First Demonstration on the Moon

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Recently,  China ’s Chang’e-5 lunar probe completed its sampling mission, and the successful deployment of a “fabric version” of the national flag carried by the lander on the lunar surface before taking-off has become the focus of worldwide attention. The team led by professor Xu Weilin, president of WTU, spent eight years overcoming difficulties and breaking through the durability problems of textiles under extreme conditions, and finally developed the “haute couture” national flag, which has aroused extensive attention of the whole Chinese society and media. The official homepage of WTU has received nearly 100,000 hits. China Daily, C hina  News,  China Youth Daily, Hubei Daily, Hubei TV and other national and provincial mainstream media have all turned the spotlight on WTU and further reported on the national flag’s development.

The flag is mainly made of domestic high-performance aramid fiber. The research team adopted the "Efficient Abridged Embedded Spinning Technology" , which won the First Prize for 2009 National Science and Progress Award, and overcame the technical problems of high-quality yarn preparation of high modulus differential fiber, thus turning out the high-quality lunar demonstration flag fabric. The technology of "Excellent Quality Natural High Polymer Material Superfine Powder Handing and Its High Value-Added Recycling" ,which won the second Prize for 2008 National Technology Invention, was also used in the development process for the preparation of the micro nano silk powder. By using the synergistic effect of micro-nano silk powder and pigment particles, the problems of pigment thermal sublimation and thermal migration fastness under extreme conditions were also essentially solved.