The 3rd China-Japan International Symposium on Textile & Composite Materials Successfully Held at WTU

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The sunshine campus witnessed the 3rd Sino-Japanese International Symposium on Textile & Composite Materials, jointly organized by JCTCS, Hubei Textile Engineering Society, the Technology Institute and the School of Textile Science & Engineering of WTU. Present at the symposium were 22 professionals and scholars as well as 60-odd representatives from both China and Japan who discussed the latest developments in this area, including Professor Yu Tianjing & Bao Limin from Shinshu University, Professor Wang Xungai from Deakin University, Professor Pan Zhijuan from Soochow University and Professor Xu Weilin from WTU.

Focusing on the theme of textile and composite materials, the meeting encouraged discussions of the relevant research, application and international development trend of functional fibers, intelligent textiles, composite textile materials and green composite materials. More than 50 papers were shown during the symposium to promote further innovative development in the afore-said areas in both China and Japan .