About WTU

Founded in 1958, Wuhan Textile University arises at the historic moment of rejuvenating the national light industry of New China. Its predecessor wasWuhan InstituteofTextileEngineering affiliated to Ministry of Textile Industry, PRC. In 1999, the institute had changed its name to Wuhan University of Science and Engineering, and then in 2010, after merging Hubei Foreign Trade School and Hubei College of Finance and Economics, to its current name, Wuhan Textile University.

Following its motto of“Truth-advocating and beauty-loving”, WTU strives for scientific spirit and artistic accomplishment, adheres to characteristic development and opening up policy, initiatively serves textile industry and local economic and social development. As a result, over 60 years,WTU has established a wide range of disciplines covering science, engineering, liberal arts, economy, managementand art with distinctive features and obvious strengths. WTU is renowned as auniversity selected by Ministry of China intoNational Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China,Education andTrainingProgram forExcellentEngineers, and regarded as Top Ten Fashion School.

Occupying a total area of more than 130 hectares, with 4 campuses (Sunshine Campus, South Lake Campus, East Lake Campus and Hidden Dragon Campus), WTU is located at the heart of Optics Valley in Wuhan, Central China. WTU currently has 21 faculties, 64 undergraduate degree programs, among which, there are 4 National-level Featured Specialties, 8 specialties in Excellence Engineers Cultivation Program of Ministry of Education and 7 Brand Specialties of Hubei Province. Besides, it has 13 postgraduate degree programs in first-level disciplines, and 6 master programs including Master of Engineering, Master of Finance, Master of Translation, Master of News and Communication,Master of Accounting and Master of Art. It has 8 provincial first-level key disciplines, 5 provincial-level advantageous and distinctive disciplines; 2 discipline groups of Modern Textile Technology and Fashion Creative Culture are selected as Hubei 13th-Five Year Plan Advantageous and Distinctive Key Discipline Construction Program. Textile Science and Engineering is selected into provincial-level First-Class Discipline Construction.

Thanks to its open and creative talent special zone policy, WTU has approximately 2,000 staff members, among which about 1,000 are full-time faculty members, 600 plus professors and associate professors, 500 are teachers with doctor’s degree. Its faculty team is of noble morality, full rigor, high calibre in teaching and scholarship. WTU is also among the first batch of Hubei Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases for Overseas High-level Talents.It has attracted a great number of well-known professors and experts, including 7 academicians from prestigious universities both at home and abroad, 3 scholars in China’s Thousands-Talent Program, 1 leading figure in the Nation’s Ten Thousand Talent Program Engineering Leading Scholars, 1 distinguished professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 1 scholar supported by the National Outstanding Youth Funds, 2 national candidates of the New Age Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousands Talents Program for professors in universities operated directly under the Ministry of Education, 12 candidates of the Hubei Provincial Program of Hundred Talents, and also 105 Chutian Scholars of Hubei, Sunshine Scholars of WTU.

WTU strives to enhance the quality of undergraduateeducation and the further implementation of Creative CapacityEducationProject. WTU has establisheda national,provincialand ministerial-levelteaching team,set up a complete series of excellent courses, built upteaching demonstrationcenters,constructedExperimentalReformBases forTalentsCultivationMode,formedBases for Students’ Internshipand Practice, and createdPlatforms for Students’Innovation andEntrepreneurship. All these vigorous efforts have greatly facilitated and guaranteed the fostering oftalents with application and innovation competence, featuring noble character, solid academic foundations, strong practical skills and innovatory mind. The recent years has witnessed the winning of 2 second-prize of National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards, 11 first-prize of Provincial and Ministerial Teaching Achievement Awards and 6national-level Characteristic Courses. WTU graduatesare widely acknowledged for their knowledge, ability and integrity.

WTU attaches great importance to enhance itsscientificresearchstrength. WTU has its National-local Joint Engineering Laboratories,State Key Laboratory Cultivation Bases,Key Laboratoriesof the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Centers oftheMinistry ofEducation, and a number of provincial platforms ofkey disciplines. WTU haswon1first-prizeof theNational Scienceand TechnologyProgress Awards, which was unprecedented in localuniversities in Hubei, 2second-prizeoftheNational Science and Technology Progress Awards, 2second-prize of National Awards for Technological Invention. Meanwhile, it has undertaken more than 100 national research projects including“973 project”,“863 project”. Its dedication to research has brought about a large amount of scientific and technological research findings in textile, dyeing and finishing, fashion and design at the cutting-edge of China and abroad.Supporting the region and itseconomythrough collaborative research and knowledge exchange is important toWTUandthe universityworkstightlywithenterprises,local organizations to assistforindustrial upgradingand economy progress.

WTUhas extensive research and education collaborations with higher education institutions and enterprises in Australia, Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, India, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, the United States and Ukraine.It also offers bachelor’s and master’s degree courses to international students from over 35 countries.