Two Teachers from WTU Won the 2019 Light on Textile Award for Teachers

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A few days ago, a sprint review meeting for the 2019 Light on Textile Award was held in Zhejiang University of Science and Engineering by the China National Textile And Apparel Council (CNTAC).Two teachers from Our University, Tao Hui and Sheng Hongfei won the prize.

In order to promote the textile industry, China National Textile And Apparel Council(CNTAC) set up the award Light on Textile for teachers who have made outstanding contributions to textile knowledge teaching and its scientific research. Every year 23 winners are selected after the on-site experts' assessment and vote.

The introduction of Tao Hui,

Ms.Tao Hui, born in February 1969, is Professor and Master Supervisor in Wuhan Textile University, Dean of the School of Fashion, a visiting scholar to the University of Manchester, Member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) Education Branch. He directed the Clothing Structure Design class in 2014, which is one of the national quality resources sharing classes, worked as a referee in the 14th American Fashion Design Competition held in 2014. In recent years, she has won four second prizes on Education Awards initiated by the CNTAC, one second prize and one third prize on Education Awards by Hubei province, and headed or participated in six teaching reform projects at provincial level. She also took part in two projects on humanities and social science initiated by the Ministry of Education of China , and six provincial or municipal projects. Besides, she led eight projects entrusted by companies. Till now, she has published one academic monograph, one translation, two professional textbooks, and more than sixty academic papers.

The introduction of Sheng Hongfei,

Mr.Sheng Hongfei, born in June 1964, is Professor, Master Tutor and Dean of the Industrial Design Department in Wuhan  Textile University. He is also Director of the Industrial Design Committee of China Society of Mechanical Engineering and Vice President of the Industrial Design Branch of Hubei Society of Mechanical Engineering. He directed the Textile Culture Communication class, which is one of the national quality public classes (2014), one provincial online quality public class named Chinese Textile Culture, and presided over one provincial key scientific research project (2017). Additionally, He won the Sangma Teaching Prize initiated by Hong Kong government (2016), and a third prize on Award for  Scientific Technological Progress by the CNTAC (2017).