WTU held the farewell party for the 2021 international graduates

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Recently, the farewell party for the 2021 international graduates was held in the Multi-media Conference Room in International Exchange Center of Wuhan Textile University. Vice President Huang Yunping attended the farewell party. Teachers and students from International Office, Postgraduate Dept., library, School of International Education, School of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Fashion, School of Chemical Engineering Industry, School of Textile Science and Engineering, School of Management and all of the 2021 international graduates attended the farewell party together. The farewell party was hosted by Zhang Shangyong, the CPC Secretary of School of International Education of Wuhan Textile University.

Huang Yunping gave a farewell speech to all the students. She pointed out that 2021 was a year with special meaning and we would celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China. The students felt the convenient experience brought by the modernization of China's science and technology under the leadership of the Communist Party of China; they saw how the Communist Party of China helped ordinary people get rid of poverty and become rich; they witnessed how the Party and the government won the battle against the epidemic. She hoped that the students would remember the entrust of President Xi, becoming friends who know about China and are friendly to China, and be dedicated to becoming messengers between Chinese and foreign culture to make contributions to promote mutual understanding and build a community of shared future for mankind with young people around the world.

Dean Lin Li sent messages to graduates. She hoped that through hard work and with the independence and perseverance of adults, everyone can start a new stage of journey to realize their dreams, and use their youthful dreams to achieve national dreams. She hoped all the students achieve their dreams and have smooth lives in the future both at work and in life and pay a visit back to school from time to time.

Aiman, an excellent Pakistani international student, spoke on behalf of the graduates. She said: Our university carefully organized various activities to encourage us to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. We are like a warm family with different skin colors and cultures. We share hobbies, cultures and experiences with each other. China is my second hometown, and WuhanTextile University is our second home!" The leaders and teachers who participated in the meeting conferred Excellent Graduate Certificate and Student Individual Certificate of Honor to international students.

To All the 2021 International Graduates:

Two years of time is a flick of a finger, but it is also precious. The 2019 international students studied and lived as a big warm family at WTU. Love beyond race and national boundaries was the language contributing to our common progress. In the past two years, we traveled all over the cities and villages in China and learned about Chinese long and profound history as well as its splendid culture. Besides, we experienced the rapid change in science and technology and progress on social development of China . We learned the secret code of China poverty alleviation contributed by Chinese culture and success under the leadership of Communist Party of China. We fought against the COVID-19 with teachers and students in WTU, witnessed and experienced all the hard struggle and great sacrifice made by the Chinese Communists for the people, and we sensed and spread the story of the socialist party with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the feelings of family and country to the whole world. In the future, we hope that all of you will become ambassadors of culture interaction between China and foreign countries as well as the practitioners of "building the community of shared future for mankind". We will eventually be the tiny waves that integrated in the tide of world civilization making contributions to the development and peace of the whole world and become strengths that promote the construction of our beautiful motherland and hometown. With new wishes and dreams, we hope all of you will have a bright future in the road of your own life!