WTU Got Two New Key Textile Labs

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Recently, The Annual Meeting for Textile Industry Key Lab and Technology Innovation Center & The Textile Industry Science and Technology Innovation Platform Construction Conference was held at Suzhou University, during which two of WTU’s lab were announced as key labs for the textile industry — "key Laboratory of Non-woven Filter and Separation Materials in Textile Industry" and "key Laboratory of Polyphenylene Sulfide Fiber and Application in Textile Industry". The conferees from WTU included Feng Jun, head of the Science and Technology Department, Professor Zhu Yang from the School of Materials and teachers working at scientific research platforms.

Specialists shared suggestions and opinions on the construction of key laboratories and technological innovation centers in the textile industry during the idea exchange and sharing forum. Feng Jun appealed for wider support for the construction and development of labs and technological innovation centers in the future on the China Textile Industry Federation, and all units in the textile industry should attach importance to the construction of key labs and technological innovation centers and make great use of the leading and demonstrating role of textile scientific research platforms while promoting the progress of industrial technologies.