Welcome you all to Webinar on the Development of Global Textile & Fashion Industries during and post COVID-19

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Webinar on the Development of Global

Textile & Fashion Industries during and post COVID-19

Organized by: 

Wuhan Textile University

Research Institute of International People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges for Textile Industry

‘Belt and Road’ Alliance of Textile Higher Education

Introduction of  the Webinar

Focusing on the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the global textile & fashion industry, the webinar will focus on the new problems, challenges and measures faced by the textile and fashion industry in the context of the global fight against COVID-19 epidemic. It will carry out exchanges and cooperation with textile and fashion universities, research institutes and enterprises through various forms of communication. Aiming to build a mutual communication platform for textile & fashion universities, institutions and enterprises to share new ideas and achievements, to promote intra-industry exchanges and cooperation during and post COVID-19.


The webinar is mainly intended for the universities from‘Belt and Road’Alliance of Textile Higher Education, and research institutes & enterprises in countries along “The Belt and Road”. Aiming to build an exchange platform for the future development of the textile & fashion industry in the post-epidemic era, and to provide an opportunity for universities, research institutes and enterprises to find global partners in the future.

The topic is as follows (including but not limited to):

New Opportunities for global textile & fashion industries against the backdrop of COVID-19.

Short-term counter measures and long-term strategies to address disruptions of COVID-19 for universities and enterprises in textile & fashion industries.

Sustainable development exploration in energy-saving and cost-reducing in textile & fashion industries during the post-pandemic era.

Time & Software

Time:  17/11/2020Tuesday 3pm-5:45pmBeijing Time

Software: Tencent Meeting for domestic scholars

                VooV Meeting for overseas scholars

Conference ID: 174 187 657 Password123456

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