Sharing Weal and Woe by Solidarity and Cooperation —— Jointly Combating COVID-19 with Concerted Efforts between Wuhan Textile University and University of Novi Sad, Serbia

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in Wuhan, China, the faculties and students of University of Novi Sad, Serbia, an amicable partner university of Wuhan Textile University (WTU), have incessantly expressed their deep concerns in support of both the Chinese government’s and WTU’s efforts in combating COVID-19 through email, video and other forms of communications. Mr. Branislav Bogojevic, the project director of Belt and Road Institute, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, together with all his faculties and students, also delivered a specially-filmed video with blessings to China: Hope the Wuhan city can defeat the epidemic and Wuhan Textile University can resume teaching and scientific research activities as soon as possible.

In early March, as the epidemic gradually spread in Europe, Peng Yuyuan, the President of Wuhan Textile University, on behalf of all faculties and students of WTU, delivered his comforts in a letter of sympathy to the faculties and students of University of Novi Sad, Serbia,. In the letter, he said, “We are now experiencing an unusual spring of the year, as the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) has been gripping us with the same anxieties and concerns among the people both in China and the rest of the world. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your  concerns and support for our endeavors in the prevention and control of this epidemic.” In the end of the letter, he also made a proposal and called upon both parties to join hands with concerted efforts by shouldering social responsibilities and tackling difficulties together, so as to jointly protect the beautiful home for us all.

We are in different lands but share the same heart against the epidemic (“Though miles apart, we are under the same sky.”)we will offer a helpful hand when any one of us is besieged in trouble (“Together we stand, my armors thine.”). Every blessing and sympathy, by words and sentences, are conveying exchange and encouragement to between the two partner universities from China and Serbia, filled with sincere care and concern for each other. Though thousands of miles apart, we will never cease to render our heart-to-heart friendships and in-depth affections by sharing weal and woe at this critical moment. By actively adhering to the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind in present times, let us give full play to render our affections across the borders and races above the sky of Belt and Road. We will further collaborations with overseas partner universities to tide over the hard times in solidarity, and we are determined to fight and win this battle by combating the epidemic to all mankind. We are looking forward to seeing you again next time to embrace a brighter future!