A BRI International Student at WTU Published Two Theses in SCI as First Author and Was Admitted to PhD Program of City University of Hong Kong with full scholarship

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A 2017 Master Degree Candidate of WTU majoring in textile engineering, SADI MOHAMMAD SHAK (from Bangladesh) will graduate this June with two theses that he published in SCI international journals as the first author and a letter of acceptance for his PhD from the City University of Hong Kong with a full scholarship.

Sadi got interested in doing experiments when he was still an undergraduate and he once won a prize in a textile professional competition in his country. Thanks to the Chinese government’s "Silk Roads" scholarship, he came to WTU for further study. In January 2018, he came into the school laboratory for the first time, but that experience was awful, as he found it hard to communicate with his classmates. Having noticed this, his supervisor, professor Cai Guangming, cheered him up, guided him to read relevant literature and identify a research goal, and encouraged him to cooperate with his Chinese classmates on a project. From then on, SADI went to the lab early at 8:00 every morning and back to the dormitory late at night where he collated experimental data. All too often, he had to fix deviations or even started the experiment afresh.

In July 2018, SADI published an International conference paper as the second author. In May 2019, he published another two theses in SCI in succession as the first author, discussing adding functionality to fabrics and developing the one-side conductive function of fabrics by using carbon nanotube ink so as to enable them to monitor human movements for medical treatment: Heating up when it's cold, or changing colors depending on the temperature. When consulted, he said: “I learned two proverbs in China , 'Diligence can make up dullness' and 'Everything comes to him who waits'. As long as you seriously finish the research task under the professor's guidance and study harder on your own initiative, it is not hard to turn out a nice thesis. And I'm glad to discuss with those interested in my research.”

Sadi said, “it's wonderful to come to China ! Because of "the Belt and Road Initiative", he realized his dream of scientific research and met lovely and respectable teachers and classmates.”