International Exchange & Cooperation

Wuhan Textile Universitysticks to“the opening up policy”, and pays much attention to strengthening international exchanges and cooperation.“The Belt and Road” Initiative proposed by the state opens a new window for WTU in working with more international partners. We entered the Association of Universities for Textiles in Europe (AUTEX) and the Textile Institute (TI) in 2013. Since2010,wesuccessfully hosted exciting and influentialinternationalactivities in theareas of TextilesandFashion, such as Wuhan InternationalFashion Week,theInternational Forum on ModernTextile Science&Technology,the International Academic Conferenceon 3DFabric& Application and Sino-Russia Higher Education Forum. In addition,we successfully hosted the 89thTextile Institute World Conference (TIWC) in 2014, which is the highest level conference inthetextile area.Thedevelopmentand achievements ofWTUare gaining academic and industry attentionalloverthe world.

We have established cooperative ties with nearly 50 universities and research institutes from Australia,Bangladesh,Canada,Czech Republic,France, Italy, Japan,New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ukraine, and India. We carry out fruitful cooperation and exchanges in teaching and research, such as the University of Manchester, Leeds Trinity University College, University of Californiaat Davis, BirminghamCity University,Bunka Gakuen University, Technical University of Liberec, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology,DKTE Society’s Textile & Engineering Institute, BGMEA University ofFashion& Technology, Southeast University, National Textile University, etc.

Birmingham Institute of Fashion and Creative Artsof WTU is thefirst non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperatively run educational institution inHubeiprovince offering undergraduate programmesapproved by Chinese Government. We also attempt to carry out thejointhigher education inBangladesh&Pakistan, andremain vigorous in our efforts to establish joint researchlaboratories withManchesterUniversity, DeakinUniversityand Paris 8 Universitythat will benefit the faculty and students of both institutions.