WTU held the Cloud Forum on International High-level Talents Cultivation Program between China & Bangladesh Universities

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On the afternoon of June 28,the Cloud Forum on International High-level Talents Cultivation Program between China & Bangladesh Universities was held in the smart conference room of WTU International Exchange Center. The leaders, over 100 teachers and student representatives from Wuhan Textile University, Southeast University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Garment and Technology University, Bangladesh Green University and North Bangladesh Science and Technology University gathered together online,sharing cooperation friendship, interchanging the new way of high-level talents cultivation in the post-pandemic era, and opening a new era of talent cultivation and exchange cooperation between WTU and Bangladesh friendly universities together.

At the beginning of the forum, Xu Weilin, president of WTU, sent a letter of congratulations to all the participants on behalf of WTU. He said, As everyone knows, COVID-19 epidemic poses great challenges to international cooperation in running schools. But as an old saying goesOnly after experiencing hardships and twists and turns can one show his brave and resolute character; only through the difficult and dangerous grinding, can it be carved into a piece of jade, showing extraordinary beauty. Under the leadership of General Secretary of China Communist Party Xi Jinping, China has overcome the epidemic situation, and has been working hard to prevent and control the epidemic. We especially understand your situation and firmly believe that you will overcome the epidemic. We are not alone on the Great Way and the whole world is one family. This year has made us more aware of the significance of a community of shared future for mankind. We are both universities with textile characteristics, and our specialties are highly complementary. Wuhan Textile University, as the only university named after textile in China, has cultivated hundreds of thousands of scientific and technological talents at home and abroad for more than 60 years. Under my guidance, my team has made great contributions to China's "chang'e-5 lunar exploration program" and "tianwen-1 Mars probe" national major scientific research projects. I hope to further deepen multilateral exchanges and cooperation, strive to turn crisis into opportunity, and explore a new win-win mode of talent training cooperation in Colleges and universities.

Professor Md. Golam Samdani, vice-president of Bangladesh Green University, Ayub Nabi Khan, vice-president of Bangladesh Garment and Technology University and Professor Syed Hasan, dean of the Textile School of Southeast University of Bangladesh all delivered speeches. They reviewed the history of cooperating with WTU and expressed their willingness to deepen bilateral cooperation in the respect of international High-level talents cultivation in the post-pandemic era.

Zhang Shangyong, secretary of the Party branch directly under the School of International Education, made a concluding speech. He said that this forum coincided with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and he was very happy to share with everyone the centennial celebration of the Communist Party of China. Although the COVID-19 epidemic had a certain impact on the cooperation between the two sides, WTU and universities in Bangladesh would not change their willingness to strengthen high-level personnel cultivating cooperation. The meeting ended successfully online and offline with group photos of participants from both China and Bangladesh taken.

It is reported that WTU has cultivated more than 300 high-level talents from Bangladesh since it recruited overseas graduate students in 2013. In 2015, witnessed by the then Chinese and Bangladeshi national leaders, WTU signed inter-university exchange and cooperation agreements with universities such as Bangladesh National Textile University, Southeast University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Garment and Technology University and Bangladesh Green University. In the following seven years, China and Bangladesh have carried out successful explorations and practices in talent cultivation and international academic exchanges in the field of textile, Fashion, Management and other disciplines.