The Online Courses of WTU Tell Tradition of Tomb-sweeping Day to the International Students

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On the occasion of tomb-sweeping day, the International School of Education of WTU held the online course on Chinese festival culture—tradition of tomb-sweeping day.

The teacher said, “Different nationalities share the same value pursuit. It is the colorful forms that created the diversity of the world culture. Traditional festivals are important carriers of a nation's cultural inheritance and learning about festival culture is an important way of understanding a nation’s culture.” Subsequently, he explained the time, content, events of Tomb-sweeping Day and The role of Tomb-sweeping Day in the core values of the Chinese nation. He said, sacrificial culture is the way that Chinese people inherit excellent traditional culture. During the festivalwe take the form of family sacrifices and public sacrifices to give thanks to the ancestors and cherish the memory of the martyrs. "

He has also explained the view of life and the value of world culture that Chinese sacrificial culture embodies to the international students. On the Tomb-sweeping Day in 2020China held a public memorial ceremony for the martyrs that sacrificed in the fight with COVID-19, which demonstrates the profound tradition of benevolence in the Chinese civilization of more than 5,000 years and the fundamental purpose and feelings of the Communist Party of China serving the people wholeheartedly. Such spirit in heritage culture has been deeply rooted in the bones and veins of China , and has become the excellent cultural genes and spiritual nourishment of  China .