Yong Liu Holding his Fashion Show in Beijing

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On October 31, LIUYONG×RISHIKENSH·Liu Yong fashion show took place in the No.1 workshop of 751 D·PARK during the 2021 S/S collection China fashion week . Yong Liu named this design theme as “Hi Color”. He tried to use the language popular among young people to express the vitality of the published works and the vigor of youngsters in contemporary  China .

At the beginning of this year when the whole country gave a hand to Wuhan, people from all over the country gathered in the front line as one, shared happiness and sorrow and fought against the pandemic, which became the most beautiful and impressive color of China. Deeply touched, the designer who teaches in Wuhan, created works of this season focused on praising the “Heroes in harm’s way”,“Guardians”and “Defenders”, admiring the Chinese spirit showed in the pandemic as well as leading the ways of a fashionable & healthy life and consumption in the post-pandemic era.

With his aesthetic attainments and comprehension of emotion, Yong Liu has used his creativity to solve more practical problems for the fashionable life of post-pandemic age. His works feature positive, lively and fashionable design languages and thus resonate powerfully with the viewers.