WTU Welcomed 2020 New Students

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Amid autumn drizzle and the scent of osmanthus flowers, WTU welcomed more than 5,800 undergraduate and graduate freshmen from across China with open arms. All school leaders went to the Nanhu Campus, Sunshine Campus and Hankou Railway Station to meet the freshmen, encouraging them to quickly adapt to the new environment, try hard to do well academically and enjoy university life. After that, the leaders also went to the registration office, student dormitories, and canteens to learn more about logistic service and new-comer registration.

To ensure a smooth registration process, various school departments coordinated and cooperated with each other to set up service desks to support on-site work; all functional departments sent volunteers to lend a helping hand when required; teachers and elder students also took the initiative to help in freshman registration and baggage handling. In accordance with the regulations for pandemic prevention and control, all new students have completed various procedures, including reporting their health conditions and registering online, etc. The university set up reception desks at all three railway stations in Wuhan, outside of which were free buses that sent new students and their parents to each campus. After passing through the temperature measuring box at the university entrance, the freshmen took the school bus to the registration desk before moving into their dormitories.